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Happy Spring Consignors!

With new year comes new policies :)

Starting this new year we will be
going through all consignment at time of
drop off and return any items we deem to
be un-consignable.
(We will no longer donate
what we can’t keep.)

check out our “items we are looking for “ list on our website click more links and you should see it if on desktop . If on phone click the 3 lines on the upper left corner 😊

Consignment at Bernal location
Monday- by appt only
Tuesday -by appt only
Saturday -by appt only
Call us @ 415-642-3300

**BAG LIMIT - 2 paper bags
or 1 large white trash bag
of best resalable items**

Large items - please call ahead
(Limited to space and selling patterns )

Consignment at Irving location

Monday- by appt only 
Tuesday -by appt only
Saturday -by appt only

Call us @415-664-4611

**BAG LIMIT - 2 paper bags
or 1 large white trash bag
of best resalable items**

Large items - please call ahead
(Limited to space and selling
patterns )

✨Are you new to consigning with Chloe’s Closet?✨

✨✨Please make sure to schedule an appointment call the location that best suits you .
Appointments for new accounts are scheduled Monday, Tuesday or Saturday only at both locations

BAG LIMIT (2 paper bags or 1 large white trash bag) of your best resalable items NO BOXES PLEASE



What happens when I bring in consignment?

The first thing we do is make sure all your bags and items are labeled with your first / last name and phone number. Then we will set up an account for you in our database, go over our policies with you and have you sign a Consignment Agreement. Usually while you shop, our trained buyers will look through your drop-off and will set aside the items we feel have a good chance of selling. The items we do not think will sell will be returned to you.The items we accept for consignment will then go to our Pricing Team to be priced, tagged and put out for sale. Once on the sales floor, your items have FOUR WEEKS (28 DAYS) to sell. Consignment that has not sold by the end of the four week consignment period will be put on sale or donated. UNSOLD items ARE NOT given back after the 4 weeks period. Please be sure you are ready to part with your items when bringing them in for consignment.  

How long does it take for my consignment to be made available for sale?

Our processing times vary, depending on how much consignment we have received. The processing time can be as few as 2-3 days or up to 2 weeks when we are insanely busy. We try to keep the processing time to no more than a week as much as possible. Bags are processed in the order they are received. The four week consignment period does not begin until your items are priced and on the sales floor. For example, if you drop off consignment on June 1st, but those items are priced on June 7th, your items will be on the sales floor from June 7th through August 4th (28 days.) After August 4th, any remaining unsold items will be pulled from the sales floor and donated.

How much do I receive for my consignment sales?

Consignors may receive 50% of our selling price in Store Credit or 35% by Check. For example, if an item sells for $10.00, you will receive $5.00 in Store Credit or $3.50 by Check. In either case, no payment is received until AFTER an item sells. The consignment payout does not include the consignment Item Fee.

How do you price consignment?

On average, our prices for clothing are about 65%-75% lower than the current retail price. are about 75% lower than the original retail. For example, if Baby Gap jeans retail for $24, we will price them around $6, assuming they are in average used condition. A Mini Boden toddler dress that is currently on sale for $50 will go for about $12.50 second-hand. We constantly check online for retail prices and use the lowest advertised price as our base.

All consignment is subject to an item fee at the time of sale. The item fee is added to the price and is paid by the buyer of the item and does not affect your consignment payout. This fee goes to help cover the costs involved in processing consignment. For items $1 – $10.00 = $1 Item Fee / $10.01 – $19.99 = $2 Item Fee / $20.00 – $39.99 = $5 Item Fee / $40.00 & up = $10.00 Item Fee.

*Please note: Merchandise may be reduced in price at the discretion of Chloe’s Closet. Chloe’s Closet may have discounted sale days, items may be reduced due to the discovery of stains or flaws, or items may be reduced in price after being on the sales floor for three weeks or more.

How long is the consignment period? What happens to my stuff after the consignment period is over?

The consignment period is 4 weeks (28 days). At the end of the consignment period, unsold items become the property of Chloe’s Closet and will be given to needy families or donated to a local non-profit charity. We do not return unsold items to the consigner.

What do I do if I want my unsold items returned to me?

We do not offer to return unsold clothing and toys. At the time of drop off, we ask consigners to determine whether they are ready to part with their items. Any items that the consigner feels they would want back if it did not sell are returned to the consigner right away. Once items are left for consignment, it is with the understanding that the consigner will never be in possession of them again.

We can, however, offer to return large items such as strollers, swings or other large baby gear if they do not sell. The consigner must inform us at the time of drop off if they want those items returned if they do not sell.

When can I spend my Store Credit? What can I spend it on?

Once your items are on the sales floor, shoppers can buy them and credit will start to accumulate in your account. You can spend your credit at any time. You can spend it all at once or bit by bit.

Store Credit may be applied toward the purchase of any consigned merchandise in Chloe’s Closet, . Store Credit MAY NOT be used to pay for the sales tax on your purchase or for bag fees or new merchandise Chloe’s offers. Sales Tax and bag fees must be paid for with cash or with a credit card.

When will I get a check for my sales?

Checks are printed every 2 months for any accounts with at least a $10.00 balance. Checks may be picked up at your designated location any time after they are issued, also checks are to be claimed & cashed within 60 days from issue date otherwise funds revert back to the business) Thanks for understanding.

  • February 29th (sales between Dec 16-Feb 15)
  • April 30th (sales between Feb 16-Apr 15)
  • June 30th (sales between Apr 16-June 15)
  • August 31st (sales between June 16-Aug 15)
  • October 31st (sales between Aug 16-Oct 15)
  • December 31st (sales between Oct 16-Dec 15)

Feel free to call us after these dates and we will confirm whether you have a check available to pick up.

(The minimum amount for checks is $10.00. Balances under $10.00 will roll over to the next check run.)


Still have questions? Contact Us today, and we'll set you straight.